A picture taken by Linda Sterling in 2000. Darren and Bo at the front. Behind them are Paps, Rob and Paul.
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Before Gabrielles Wish in 1992 in Clayton Labour Club, Manchester, a group with no name was formed by Robert Corless (vocals), David "Paps" Peplow (bass), Mark Turton (guitar), Carl Turton (guitar) and Glen (drums).
After some months Carl's friend Paul Ryan (guitar) joins.
Shortly after Mark (who will be the singer in Hedzjellmo), Carl, Glen and Paps quit.

The remaining members recruit Rob's younger brother Edward Corless (drums) and Darren Moran (bass), who replied to an ad in a local paper for a "bassist to go beyond the stagnating music scene". Gabrielles Wish are thus formed in 1993.
The name of the band refers to Robert's daughter Gabrielle, wishing the second child of the family to be a brother, just as it happened.
Nick Harris (drums) (who had met Paul at a music technology course at Band On The Wall in Manchester) replaces Eddie who leaves to form The Pariahs (with the brother of Dawn Acton, actress in the soap Coronation Street).
Paps, who still drived the band to gigs, joins again as a player of four track tapes mixer.
This way is defined the line up which will be stable until late 1997: Rob, Paul, Daz, Paps and Nick.
Rehearsals take place at "the room" a workshop in an industrial estate in Droylsden.
30 April 1993: GW play live at the Clayton Labour Club in Manchester.

13 August 1994: Gabrielles Wish support The Fall at The Arena, Glasgow.
Chris Nagle, former Martin Hannett's assistant (sound engineer on masterworks like Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures), offers for production and management.
Nagle entices New Order's manager Rob Gretton to see the band which gets signed to Gretton's new label Manchester Records, which follows Robsrecords.
GW start recording at Suite 16, the studio of Peter Hook from New Order. The band work with Chris Nagle as a producer and former Fall producer Rex Sargent as an engineer.

In September 1995 Gabrielles Wish appear on a double A side single with Marooned and Warmonger. It's also the first release of Manchester Records. Jane Weaver's band Kill Laura appear on the other side.
4 September 1995: Live at the Manchester Hacienda for the launch of Manchester Records.
6 September 1995: Rob Gretton and Nick Harris interview at BBC Radio 1 about Manchester Records.
4 November 1995: Gabrielle's Wish play a jam session at a private party in Oldham.
During a concert in late 1995, supporting The Fall at the Hacienda without Paul and Darren busy away for that night, Rob and Nick showcase the very first electronic experimental music, made with various gear. Though the sound will remain mainly guitar oriented in future performances and releases.

April 1996: Gabrielle's Wish release the self titled EP.
13 March 1996: GW play at the Rock Garden in London.
26 July 1996: Live at Rotterdam De Veere.
2 November 1996: Paps makes his live debut on vocals live at Woodman's in Stockport. He'll sing in the hidden track in Hood, on the Golded Up EP.

April 1997: Gabrielles Wish release the Golded Up EP, still on Manchester Records.
Paul Ryan designs the most of the future artwork.
In 1997 the band records an album titled Processed which remains unreleased until 2010. 
Nick Harris quits after the gig supporting Half Man Half Biscuit at the Star And Gart in Manchester (24 Oct 1997). After DJing for the drum and bass soundsystem Ambicus, he now plays with Hedjzellmo (whose singer is former GW guitarist Mark), joined in 2000, after seeing them supporting Gabrielles Wish at the Night And Day in Manchester (13 May 1999).
November 1997: Gabrielles Wish release Live And Bobbins, a cassette sold at gigs mastered by producer Chris Nagle with deliberately bad fake audience handclaps. It's mixed with former Life member and future New Order manager Andrew Robinson.
Steve Paice is the new drummer. He'll play on some unreleased tracks like Down To My Love.
Paps, who played four tracks mixers in concerts, now plays keyboards also live.

16 July 1998: Gabrielles Wish support New Order for their secret comeback concert (on the NME GW was the only band listed for that night) at The Apollo in Manchester with labelmates Doves, at their debut with that name (they were Sub Sub until then).
In 1999 Rob Gretton dies.
1999: Gabrielles Wish record Surface, an EP which remains unreleased.
GW record another unreleased EP, Unit 7, left at demo stage. The title is the address of The Room.
It's the first work with producer Yves Altana, a Corsican musician moved to Manchester, guitarist of Wonky Alice (of which Gabrielles Wish were fans) and Invincible, a band formed with Chameleons frontman Mark Burgess. Now he has a project called Recognized.

In 2000 the band is on tour.
Gigs are usually closed by an unreleased song, Night Time.
In January Gabrielles Wish play at Alex's Birthday Bash and Gareth the roadie joins Rob on vocals for a legendary version of the unreleased I Lied To You.
Steve Paice quits. He now lives in Hollyowood and is still a drummer.
The new drummer is Bo Walsh, formerly of Dayglo Yellocet and One Lady Owner.
16 Mar 2000: Gabrielles Wish play an acoustic version of the unreleased Down To My Love at Radio Regen.
10 August 2000: GW play at Big Hands in Manchester for the Pleasure Records night.
24 September 2000: The band play at the In The City festival at the Manchester Castle, with Loafer and Life Without Buildings, performing also an unreleased track, Jovial. The show is radio broadcasted.

19 January 2001: Gabrielles Wish play at Alex's Birthday Bash, at the Manchester Roadhouse, with bands like Yves Altana's Wonky Alice and Nick Harris' Hedzjellmo.
21 January 2001: The 10" EP Manchester Suite is released on Pleasure (the label following Manchester Records after Gretton's death). It's an experiment with electronica, the drummer wasn't at the recording sessions because he was on tour with Travis.
14 April: Gabrielles Wish play music sessions with other bands at the ICA in London set to the art of Linda Sterling, who previously did Buzzcocks'artwork. She took the picture on this page during the recordings of Manchester Suite.
In the second half of 2001 the band record the most of the songs that will make the Portal album.
Jeff Grainger becomes Gabrielles Wish manager.
He's the editor of Subculture, a Manchester music fanzine.
27 July 2001: GW play with Tsuji Giri at the Manchester Night And Day, for the Subculture launch.
On the compilation CD included in the first issue, Orange Light makes it's first appearance. It'll be featured on future GW releases. Nylon Pylon (band with former GW drummer Bo Walsh), Tsuji Giri (band with future GW drummer Phil Consi) and Wonky Alice (band with GW producer Yves Altana) also appear, with former Factory Too band Space Monkeys and former Inspiral Carpets Clint Boon.
On the Subculture website ( ) (now offline) there's the MP3 of an exclusive instrumental track, 500 Volts.
11 August 2001: Gabrielles Wish play at the 25 Summers Ago night at Big Hands, Manchester.
On the Pleasure Records website ( (now offline) there's the audio sample of an exclusive track, Sunday.

14 July 2002: GW perform New Order's Elegia at Homage, a live tribute to New Order and Joy Division at the Manchester Roadhouse. Hedzjellmo play Joy Division's Heart And Soul.
In August Gabrielles Wish release the Cost One EP on Path Records, their own label, here at its debut.
Gabrielles Wish plan an EP, Blue Skies, which is deleted when they decide to record an album and include the tracks.
A fanzine called Blue Skies, made by Brian, a fan, circulates at gigs of the band.
Bo Walsh quits. He'll become a member of Nylon Pylon and will work also with My Computer.
The new drummer is Phil 'Consi' Considine, member of Tsuji Giri.

2 January 2003: The band records a dozen of brand new songs which will remain unreleased at Butterfly Music.
18 January 2003: Radio Hulme plays four unreleased electronic tracks recorded for the show by Gabrielles Wish.
18 March 2003: The album Portal is released, only 1,000 copies, on Path.
14 May 2003: The band play their last gig before the temporary split supporting The Damned at the Manchester University.
Gabrielles Wish split up in May 2003.
Former singer Robert Corless has turned his hand to sound engineering (also on tour with The Fall) and produces bands like The Fremen. 
Former bassist Darren Moran and guitarist Paul Ryan have had a new project named Veto.
Former drummer Phil Consi is still a member of Tsuji Giri who record their dubt album with former Nirvana producer Steve Albini.
Their official site ( ) goes offline. It was made by Paul Ryan. Even their E Mail address does not work anymore.
In October 2003 I decide to create GabriellesWishWeb as a fan site. By request of former band members I'm proud to convert it to their new official site, (then
Gabrielles Wish are in the Top 30 nominees with Portal for Album Of The Year on ManchesterOnline, a site of the Manchester Evening News newspaper.

In February 2004 Robert Corless starts a new project with Bo Walsh, former drummer and member of Nylon Pylon (who had just split up) and Karen Leatham, former bassist of Wonky Alice (and in The Fall in 1999).
Meanwhile Nick Harris quits Hedzjellmo, though the split might be temporary.
Veto play their live debut, March 28th at the Kraftwerk Tribute night at the Roadhouse in Manchester(still billed with first name Portal). They play Expo 2000, Numbers and Computer World.
15 June 2004: Gabrielles Wish after a year out from making music reform with plans for touring and making a new album. The band have been rehearsing at Butterfly Music with former drummer Bo Walsh.
In September Karen Leatham, former bassist in Wonky Alice (band featuring also former Gabrielles Wish producer Yves Altana), The Fall and The Sons Of God (a band featuring Mark Burgess from The Chameleons) joins Gabrielles Wish as keyboardist and second bassist.
17 September 2004: The band plays their first secret gig since reforming at the Castle in Manchester.
Karen Leatham makes her live debut with the band.
19 September: Gabrielles Wish play their first official gig in 16 months at Bier Keller as part of In The City.

28 February 2005: Gabrielles Wish release their new E.P., Here From The Neck Down, on their new label Small Adjustments.
16 July: The band play at the Arts In The Park Festival in Blackburn. Other bands appearing include The Proclaimers and The Undertones.
November: Paul Ryan moves from Manchester because of work commitments and has to reduce his involvement with Gabrielles Wish, but does not leave the band and stays as an occasional member, involved as much as possible.
Tim Walsh, Bo's brother and former guitarist in Factory band Northside, joins Gabrielles Wish as new guitarist.
March 2006: Gabrielles Wish release their new album, Reformer, on Small Adjustments, still with Paul Ryan at the guitar.
Tim Walsh has to leave the band because of work commitments and is replaced by Bunny.
Gabrielles Wish join the most of the famous and emerging artists with their profile on MySpace. It's an instant success, with loads of visits, contacts and positive comments about the streaming audio and video.
The profile is mantained by Andy Barclay, who will become the new manager of the band.
September: The gallery with photos made by Natalie Curtis (daughter of legendary Joy Division singer Ian) of the gig at the Ashton Witchwood (29 July 2006) is added to this site.
The video for Position Oldham Street Manchester is available for free download. It is still, probably, the most beautiful Gabrielles Wish video ever.
09 October: Gabrielles Wish support New Order at the Bournemouth International Centre coinciding with the release of their new EP, Martyrs Come Hang Your Signs.

April 2007: The until then very rare Manchester Suite EP is the first release to be made available on digital retailers, where the complete discography and every future release has been and will be released through Small Adjustments.
30 April: The Gabrielles Wish concert at the Manchester Revolution Bar is broadcasted live on 96.2 the Revolution Radio.
The full recording of the secret reunion gig, Live at the Manchester Castle, 17 Sep 2004, is available for free download.
02 May: Gabrielles Wish play at the Manchester Roadhouse before a DJ set by Andy Rourke, legendary former bassist of The Smiths.
Gabrielles Wish release their new single, Cunning Stunts.
September: Gabrielles Wish release their new single, A To Z, two tracks sold for 69 pence only on TuneTribe.
October: Gabrielles Wish release their new album, Circa.

February 2008: Unreleased tracks, like the true hidden gem, Consumer Man, are streamed one by one on the MySpace profile.
May: Live, the new album by Gabrielles Wish is released, featuring an excellent recording of their concert at the Manchester Roadhouse (November 14th, 2007).

(to be completed)


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