Many new albums and singles by Robert Paul Corless, get all his BandCamp releases saving 85%!

05 Oct 2016
Robert Paul Corless has released four albums, six singles and a compilation on Eromeda Records in the last three months.
He's going to release a new single and album on October 24 and 26.
Here are the detailed new releases, available on BandCamp as MP3 and FLAC, Google Play as MP3 and iTunes as M4A.
BandCamp has on each release page an exclusive offer to purchase all the 37 releases for only £15.47, which is a massive 85% discount!
All the singles include exclusive B sides.
Below you also find the new video for single Angel Of The North.

Volume Eleven
BandCamp only £3!
iTunes £6.99

Volume Twelve
BandCamp only £3.99!
iTunes £6.99

Volume Thirteen
BandCamp only £2.99!
iTunes £6.99

Volume Fourteen
BandCamp only £3.99!
iTunes £6.99

I Am A Seeker
BandCamp only £0.99!
iTunes £2.37

The Moon When Free From Clouds
BandCamp only £0.90!
iTunes £1.77

Today You Are You
Google Play £2.97
iTunes £2.37

Angel Of The North
BandCamp only £0.79!
iTunes £1.98

Let The Light In
BandCamp only £0.69!
iTunes £2.97

Off To Manchester Are We
BandCamp only £0.59!
iTunes £1.58

Off Volume (Part 2)
Google Play only £4.99!
iTunes £6.99