Steven Bunn to replace Tim Walsh

25 Mar 2006
Tim Walsh has been forced to leave Gabrielles Wish because of work commitments. New guitarist Steven Bunn has joined and is already rehearsing with the band.

Reformer out now!

24 Mar 2006
Reformer, the new album by Gabrielles Wish is out now, released on Small Adjustments.
It goes from melancholic post punk to emotional acoustics and atmospheric instrumentals through noisy and powerful rock'n'roll.
It's available, online and in store, at the following Manchester shops:
- Piccadilly Records: safe online order
address and contact info
- Vox Pop Records: safe online order
address and conctact info
- Vinyl Exchange: address and contact info
- Roadkill Records: address and contact info
- Butterfly Music: Address: 117 Oldham Street, Manchester M4, England. Phone: 0161 834 6727
- The Castle Hotel: Address: 66 Oldham Street, Manchester, M4 1LE, England.

New album, Reformer!

03 Mar 2006
The long awaited new album by Gabrielles Wish is almost ready!
The wonderful artwork is almost finished too and you can preview it here.
The album will be titled Reformer and will include these tracks:

01 Claw
02 Gazelle
03 2 Much
04 Flu Jab
05 Say
06 New York Girl
07 Elizabeth
08 Optical One
09 Position Oldham St, Manchester