Gabrielle's Wish

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01 Panorama (Intro) (02:04)
02 Real Horror Show (04:18)
03 Warmonger (02:59)
04 You & Me (03:59)
05 Mary Bobbins (06:24)
06 Marooned (03:32)
07 Go See The Doctor (03:47)

Year: April 1996
Total length: 27:06
Label: Manchester Records
Code: Manc 2
Format: CD EP
Songwriting: Gabrielle's Wish
Production: Chris (Flash) Nagle
Engineering: Rex Sargent (tracks 02 and 04)
Recording Location: Suite 16, Rochdale
Artwork: Crap Carl
Digital release: April 2007
Note: The numbers of the tracks on the sleeve don't match the CD tracks as Panorama (being an intro) is not numbered. According to the sleeve Real Horror Show would be track number 1, but in fact it's number 2 on the CD as Panorama is actually number 1.

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