Live And Bobbins

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01 Theme (06:10)
02 Girlfriend (02:52)
03 Real Horror Show (04:37)
04 Go See The Doctor (02:48)
05 Mary Bobbins (05:43)
06 Machine People (05:30)
07 Blackpool (06:11)
08 Esp (02:58)
09 Warmonger (Instrumental) (03:28)
10 Deaf Disco (04:57)

Year: November 1997
Total length: 45:13
Label: Manchester Records
Code: Manc Y
Format: cassette
Songwriting: Gabrielle's Wish
Production and engineering: Chris Nagle
Recording location: The Hacienda and The Roadhouse, Manchester
Mixed by Chris Nagle and Andrew Robinson at Andy's Studio
Artwork: Paul Ryan
Note: Cassette sold at gigs, now deleted from the catalog. Nagle mastered it with deliberately bad fake audience handclaps. Recorded in 1996. The instrumental version of Warmonger is titled simply as "Warmonger".

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