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Into The City live at the Salford Sacred Trinity Church (24 Jun 2010)
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Warmonger (2008)
New York Girl (2008)
Panphobia (2008)
Hoist (2007)
A Kind Of Existence (2007)
A To Z (2007)
The Heretics Rise (2007)
Position Oldham Street Manchester (2006)
Had An Accident (2005)

Here From The Neck Down, out now!

09 Mar 2005
Here From The Neck Down, the new E.P. by Gabrielles Wish is available now at gigs and at Piccadilly Records,
53 Oldham Street, Manchester (M1 1JR).
Tel: [++] 0161 839 8008
E mail:
Price is £3.99 (only £3 at gigs).
Featuring three tracks (Member, Sherman and Had An Accident) it's their first awaited release in two years after reuniting last summer.
It was recorded and mixed by Christophe and mastered by Pob at the Oxygen studio in Manchester.
Here you can preview the fantastic artwork for the record cover made by Matthew Robertson.