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01 Marooned 03:32
02 Warmonger 02:59

Year: September 1995 
Total Length: 06:31 
Label: Manchester Records
Code: Manc 1
Format: 7" clear vinyl 
Songwriting: Gabrielle's Wish
Production and engineering: Chris Nagle
Recording Location: Suite 16, Rochdale
Artwork: Peter Saville
Note: The 7" is a double A side single, now sold out. Gabrielle's Wish appear on one side (which plays at 33 rpm) with 01 and 02 (now available on the Gabrielle's Wish EP). Kill Laura appear on the other side (playing at 45 rpm) with the track Glossy. Groove notations on Gabrielles Wish's side: "ambulance music", "try some", "Manc 1 GW1".

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