Free Jam EP

24 Dec 2011
What a better way to celebrate Christmas than drinking gallons of beer with your friends after downloading a free Gabrielles Wish EP?

Here it is, the free Jam EP!
Click the link above to download it from MediaFire!

The Jam EP features four tracks, titled in Roman numerals, where you can hear the band jamming in the studio and finding some of their best sounds and tunes ever.

The artwork is an actual painting made by artist Linda Cunningham especially for the EP.

The Son Of The Sun: full video, single out now!

28 Nov 2011

Promo Video for the new Gabrielles Wish Single
'The Son Of The Sun'

Available now from
and iTunes at

Video by Jason Vaughn 2011
Eromenos Music 2011

Jam EP

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01 I (07:34)
02 II (04:32)
03 III (05:55)
04 IV (02:59)

The EP was a free gift for Christmas 2011. The track titles are in Roman numbers. The artwork is an actual painting by Linda Cunningham.

Free streaming and download on BandCamp!
Free streaming on GrooveShark!
Free download on MediaFire

The Son Of The Sun

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01 The Son Of The Sun (04:17)

Year: November 2011
Total length: 04:17
Label: Eromenos
Code: Erom01
Format: digital single
Songwriting: Gabrielles Wish
Production and engineering: Yves Altana
Recording location: Butterfly, Manchester
Artwork: Jason Vaughn

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New single in November: The Son Of The Sun

20 Oct 2011
Gabrielles Wish will release their first single in one year and a half on November 28th.
The Son Of The Sun is a single track release which will be made available on iTunes by their new label, Eromenos Music, which has just reissued Golded Up at the bargain price of $2 only.
Details and samples to follow soon.

Gabrielles Wish news group on Facebook

19 Oct 2011
Facebook has recently disabled the post of messages to all pages members. This makes necessary the Gabrielles Wish news group as a mean to spread news.
Through the group settings you can choose whether to receive notifications, via E Mail as well, when news are published here. Also we'll be able to send you messages through events.
To keep the group at hand bring the cursor at the left of the icon of "Gabrielles Wish news" on the Facebook left menu (while visiting the group), click on the pencil which appears and then "Add to favorites".
The central place on Facebook remains the Gabrielles Wish official page, with wall, dates, blog, audio, video and pics.

Golded Up on CD Baby

16 Oct 2011
Golded Up has been made available for download on CD Baby by the band's new label Eromenos. Each track is priced 99 cents of dollars, but the whole EP is shockinghly cheap at $2 only!
The band's second EP, released on Rob Gretton's Manchester Records in 1996, includes masterpieces of their early contemporary post punk assault like Simple and Blow Job.

New Facebook page

02 Jul 2011
Gabrielles Wish have a brand new official Facebook page, which integrates content from ReverbNation like streaming audio and video, dates, together with the Facebook wall and news feed from this site.
More content will be added soon.

Circa on iTunes and Amazon

21 Apr 2011
The most recent studio album by Gabrielles Wish, Circa, is finally available on iTunes, for $7.92 only. This M4A purchase is the best for your iPod, but the files are DRM-free and you can easily convert them to MP3 and burn the album on CD.
Circa is also on Amazon as MP3 at the same price.
Following the links you can preview each track.
Check the videos of A To Z and New York Girl.
Hear the full Into The City on the free sampler EP.

Manhole on the new Ox CD

07 Apr 2011
Manhole, taken from the new Gabrielles Wish reissue, Processed, is featured on the new CD included on the German magazine Ox.
The CD has 23 tracks from a legendary band like the New York Dolls to international emerging bands.

Purchase Ox magazine with CD, issue 95

Ox Compilation #95

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01 NEW YORK DOLLS - Fabulous Rant
02 SEWERGROOVES - Free To Fly Part 1
03 FACE TO FACE - It's All About You
04 CUTE LEPERS - All Of This Attention Is Killing Me
05 LEMURIA - Wise People
06 DEFEATER - Dear Father
07 RADIO DEAD ONES - Into The Sun
08 CASHLESS - Vacation
10 THE DEAD CLASS - Euphobia
11 VERSUS YOU - The Dead Ones
12 THE RUDES - Not Like Anyone
13 GOODBYE JERSEY - Angels & Western Waves
15 GARDEN GANG - Licence To Live
16 GENEPOOL - Sanctuary
18 1476 - Medicine Man
19 BLITZKID - She Won't Stop Bleeding
20 BLACK VELVET - When Blindness Hits The Light
21 THE PHRASEMONGERS - The G-6 Billion
22 ABBRUCH - Amuklauf

Year: 2011
Label: Ox
Note: CD included with the German Ox magazine in April 2011
The Gabrielles Wish track Manhole is taken from Processed
Purchase Ox magazine with CD, issue 95

Gabrielles Wish on SoundCloud

14 Feb 2010
Gabrielles Wish have a new profile on SoundCloud with some streaming tracks (also included in playlists called "Sets") you can comment, favourite, share and embed everywhere.
An example is the Processed sampler embedded at the top of the right column.
When possible, tracks have a link straight to the place where you can buy the track or the release.

Gabrielles Wish on Manchester Radio Online

09 Feb 2010
The band will be appearing on Manchester Radio Online on the 20th Febuary on the wonderful Dan Shaw morning show, at 10 AM.
They'll be talking about Processed, the new album out on Plastic Frog Records and giving a few copies away to some lucky listeners ....

Circa back on CD Baby!

16 Jan 2011

The most recent studio album by Gabrielles Wish, Circa, is now available again, this time on the excellent online store CD Baby.
You can buy each track (in DRM-free MP3) for $0.99, but you can get the whole album for $4.99 only!
On the album page you can preview each track.
Check the videos of A To Z and New York Girl.
Hear the full Into The City on the free sampler EP.