Volume Eighteen and Nineteen by Robert Paul Corless

27 Jun 2017
Robert Paul Corless has released on Eromeda Records two more albums in the "Poetry Trilogy", featuring poets from Manchester.
Volume Seventeen started with Joseph Devlin, Volume Eighteen has Michael O'Neill and Volume Nineteen features Steven Hunt.
Tim Walsh, former Northside guitarist and current bandmate in The Evil Poor, appears on Volume Seventeen and Nineteen.
A video was made for Marvellously Foolish from Volume Eighteen, and one for America Is Waiting (from Volume Nineteen), which you can find below.
Here are the detailed new releases, available on BandCamp as MP3 and FLAC, iTunes as M4A and Amazon as MP3.

Volume Eighteen
BandCamp only £3.99!
iTunes only £3.99!
Amazon £5.90

Volume Nineteen
BandCamp only £4.99!
iTunes only £3.99!
Amazon £6.49