Tsuji Giri album coming soon

23 Mar 2004
Tsuji Giri (with former Gabrielles Wish drummer Phil Consi) will play this Friday, 26th March, with Distophia and Naked Lounge, at the legendary Dry Bar, in Oldham Street in Manchester. Possibly on stage at 9.30 PM. 
The band has just recorded their debut album (to be released later in the year), produced by former Nirvana producer Steve Albini.

Robert Corless' new project

01 Mar 2004
Robert Corless, former Gabrielles Wish singer, is starting a new project with Bo Walsh, former drummer and member of Nylon Pylon (who have just split up) and Karen Leatham, former bassist of Wonky Alice (and in The Fall in 1999), which included Gabrielles Wish producer Yves Altana.