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01 Sorrow (04:06)
02 Body And Mind (04:29)
03 Always Absent (03:42)
04 Manhole (02:25)
05 Guppy (02:54)
06 Where's There (05:20)
07 Condition (05:42)
08 Meltdown (05:18)
09 Shocker (04:33)
10 Go See The Doctor (03:06)
11 Gazing (05:31)
12 Blow Job - live (06:35)
13 Go See The Doctor - live (03:00)
14 Never Know Why - live (03:50)
15 Gazing - live (04:37)

Year: December 2010
Total length: 65:03
Label: Plastic Frog Records
Code: PFR044
Format: CD album
Songwriting: Gabrielle's Wish
Production and engineering: Chris Nagle (01-11), Robert Corless (12-15)
Recording location: Suite 16, Rochdale (01-11), The Garage, London - 12 May 1997 (12-14), Apollo, Manchester - 16 July 1998 (15)
Artwork: Karen Leatham
Note: Processed (01-11), recorded in 1997, was supposed to be released on New Order's manager Rob Gretton's label Manchester Records in 1999 (it would have been the band's debut album after two highly acclaimed EPs) and because of Gretton's death just before the release remained completely unreleased for 10 years (the label changed name to Pleasure Records and opted for the release of Manchester Suite in 2001 and the band started their own Path label releasing new material, starting with Cost One in 2002), until a digital release in 2007. Plastic Frog Records finally released it on CD in 2010, adding four live bonus tracks. 14 has remained unreleased in any form until then. 15 was recorded at the gig supporting New Order's comeback, with Doves at their debut concert after their previous incarnation as Sub Sub.
Both the original album shelved in 1999 and the digital release in 2007 had an artwork by Paul Ryan which you can see here on the right.

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